Sisig Solo Rice Meals
Busog Meals are big solo portions with fried egg and rice.
Sakto Meals are solo portions with rice.

King’s Krunchy Pork Sisig B 179 S 110

King’s Krunchy Pork Sisig 269

Lumpiang Shanghai and Egg with Rice 115

Spicy Tapsilog 199

Coffee Jelly 60

Chicken Sisig B 179 S 110

Chicken Sisig 269

Chicken Fillet 2pcs in Gravy 219

Strawberry Milkshake 140

Lumpiang Shanghai (2 pcs) 50

Bangus Sisig B 179 S 110

Bangus Sisig 269

Salisbury Steak 2pcs in Gravy 199

Buko Milkshake 140

Plain Rice 40

Pork BBQ Sisig B 179 S 110

Pork BBQ Sisig 269

Savory Tapsilog 199

House Iced Tea 45

About Us

KING SISIG is a fast-casual Filipino restaurant serving the Philippines’ favorite comfort food – Sisig.


Founder Gil Nemeno converted a small Makati space into the 1st King Sisig restaurant in June 2012. He bet everything he had on his King’s Krunchy Pork Sisig recipe – a medley of smoky pork chunks, krunchy chicharon, fresh aromatics, savory-sour-spice mix, and creamy sauce.


Nine years on, King Sisig has expanded to a chain of 30 branches across Luzon, bringing the real Sisig-Busog experience closer to its customers.


What makes King Sisig different from the many sisig options out there?

We satisfy your cravings with the real Sisig-Busog experience – an all-around feast for the senses.


  • See the hearty serving portions properly served on a sizzling plate. 
  • Hear the sisig sizzle hot and fresh on the griddle (not in the microwave).
  • Smell the smoky, savory aroma – a sign of the goodness to come.
  • Taste the difference of sisig made with real ingredients and the right balance of sisig-sarap flavor.
  •  Feel the satisfaction of filling portions and unli-rice to your heart’s content.


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